IKE is the Place I Like to Start and End My Day


I have a framed copy of the Huna Philosophy on my desk. I love it. I saw it the first time more then a decade ago on a therapists wall. I read it and thought to myself, “This is everything I believe to be true about the world in seven simple points.” I loved it so much I wrote it on toilet paper, (it was all I could find to write on), and I carried it around in my purse for months. I look at it everyday and Huna philosophy does one thing for me. It helps me keep it real. Like most things, it is simple, but not necessarily easy. However, the more I try to apply it to my life the easier it is for me to find my way to peace in most situations. The place I find the seven simple truths work the most magic – you guessed it – relationships. For the next seven weeks we are going to look at the seven simple truths and how they apply to our interactions with others.

Week One:

The world is what you think it is.
Everything is a dream.

This idea is the master key to what most people view as Law of Attraction 101. Bottom line is you get what you expect. There is no relationship in my life were I experience that more acutely then with both of my sons. I have a 16 month old. If I walk into a restaurant with him, holding my breath, praying for mercy, you can bet your desert I’m going to be crawling on the floor picking up after him while he’s crying and throwing everything he can reach at the other patrons. Before we leave the restaurant, I am the one in tears. If I walk into the restaurant relaxed, ready to have a good time, expecting him to chill out and dig in, 99% of the time I get that. Kingston is a projection of what I anticipate. If I’m about to have a “challenging” conversation with my eighteen year old, that’s what he delivers for me. If I am going to work with him to solve problems and improve our relationship, that’s what he delivers me – cooperation served straight up with a smile. Am I psychic or am I the creator? I am certain it’s the latter. I create my experiences based on what I expect.

The world is exactly what I think it is. This holds true with my husband, my business partner, my friends and my family. It also brings up an interesting question. How much of what we expect is based on the past? “He’s always been angry. Of course that’s what I expect!” Basing our expectations of what we’ve seen before, or even what we are seeing right this minute, keeps us locked into an old reality. We cycle the same stuff, over and over again. Anyone seen the movie Groundhog Day? It’s what prevents us from getting law of attraction to do our bidding. It takes discipline to expect something different. It is a real skill. However, it is a muscle you can work out and get stronger.

To me, IKE is the place I like to start and end my day. Everything is a dream – and what better time to dream up new and different even better possibilities. So, as you are getting familiar with IKE I encourage you to ask yourself, “How can this get even more perfect?”