If Your Network Equals Your Net Worth, Then Who Are You Networking With?

{flickr|100|campaign} There is a common phrase in the business world and I am sure you will hear someone say this with any network marketing company: “Your net worth is directly tied to your network”. If you write down the names of the five people you hang out with the most and write their incomes next to their name, all of your incomes will typically be within $ 10,000 of each other. For some of you that might be good, for others not so great. But if you have joined a network marketing company or are thinking about it, chances are you are looking for more for your life: More money, more time and more freedom.

As scary or exciting as this statement may sound, it rings true. If you are spending a large amount of time with people who watch more hours of television than they do work, guess what you are likely to do. On the contrary, if you spend a large amount of time with people who are constantly taking massive action and bringing in massive income as a result, guess what you are likely to do. It is just the natural order of humans to develop many traits and habits of the people they surround themselves with. So choose your friends wisely.

Now, no one is telling you to get rid of your friends. If you are committed to creating the life of your dreams through your network marketing company and are serious about generating more income for yourself, then make new friends. Befriend people who have what you want in life. Spend time with them. Learn from them. You will see yourself grow, see your business grow, see your income grow.

You may find this new network of people within your network marketing company. The great thing about that is that not only do you have similar goals, you have the same product or service to offer. When you spend time together you can actually partner together on your business building efforts if you choose.

You can also expand your network through networking groups. Do some research and you will find local, national and international groups that you can join who have a mission to uplift and empower entrepreneurs. Some groups are homogenous, for example all real estate professionals. Other networking groups may accept only one person from each industry. Choose one or two groups to join, be a contribution to the other members , allow them to contribute to you and expand your circle of friends. Your net worth will thank you for it.