If You Were Donald Trump, What Would You Do?


Here’s what I’d do if I Were Donald Trump…

If you are an entrepreneur, you have no doubt heard of the “Be, Do Have Principle” by which you can “be” as successful as you want by “do”ing what the successful people do, and thereby “have”-ing what they have. It is an interesting concept, and a proven formula for success.

I have applied this to network marketing because the industry is growing, particularly in the face of a struggling economy. My role model for this is Donald Trump. Why? Because Trump has a way of thinking big, seeing opportunities, and finding solutions to problems that others hastily abandon.

If I were Donald Trump network marketing would be the industry I would move into next. Real estate is fantastic, but frankly not everyone can do it. Not everyone can succeed in a home based business either, but for a few hundred dollars, a person of average intelligence and solid motivation can get started and find success.

Trump co-wrote a book with the financial education icon Robert Kiyosaki called Why We Want You To Be Rich. In that book, Kiyosaki said, “Where else can you find a business that will invest the time in your education, your personal development and building your own business? The answer is: most network-marketing businesses.”

But it is not enough to say that I, as Donald Trump, would start this kind of business. If I were Trump network marketing would have to change. There would have to be innovative products that actually benefit everyone who use them. Those products would have to excite the distributor as much as they attract the consumer. The products would have to produce repeat customers; and since Trump recognizes and demands excellence, those products had better be high-quality.

If I were Donald Trump network marketing would have to represent a solid financial solution to the millions of people who are struggling right now economically. There would have to not only be a powerful compensation plan in place to provide a true financial solution, but it would have to do it in a short time frame of getting started in the business.

Network marketing would have to be exciting and innovative; in other words, it would have to evolve. Gone are the days of hotel meetings, home parties and pestering family and friends; people don’t have that kind of time these days. Not only do people need a reason to take action, they need top-notch training to educate them on how to build, grow and maintain their business.

And if I were Donald Trump network marketing would become the viable industry that it can be. This would happen because with Trump’s name on it, people within and outside the industry would see more clearly the power of the industry and accessibility of the business model to more people than traditional businesses. The importance of diversifying would appeal to those people outside network marketing, and the Trump name would inspire them to take a closer look and build their own network marketing business.

Indeed, if I were Donald Trump network marketing would be revolutionized as a result of my involvement. The very mention of the Trump name would lend instant credibility, create media and grassroots attention that would benefit everyone involved in the industry, and promote tremendous growth even in the face of a struggling economy.

So what IF Donald Trump launched a network marketing company? Could it actually happen? Think big and stay tuned…