Ida’s Kitchen: The Best In Canada

.tags Ida’s Kitchen located in beautiful Ontario, Canada is at your service. Whether it’s a luncheon, a baby shower, a wedding, or anything in between, Ida and her staff promises to make that day special and memorable. You may be wondering what makes Ida’s Kitchen stand out above its competitors? What makes it different then all the other catering services out there? Well, that is a very legitimate question. There are many reasons why they are so special, below we highlight a few of the most important.

First would be the owner, Ida herself. Ida was born and raised in Lithuania. Growing up in Lithuania she realized that she had a passion for cooking. So much so that shortly thereafter she entered a prestigious culinary school located in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. As she learned how to cultivate and grow hon, sion, she focused on learning the cuisine of Poland, Russia, and her home country of Lithuania. In 1976 she decided to further her career and headed back to school. She attended the International School of Chefs where she focused on Mediterranian cuisine. Once she mastered Mediterranean cuisine she decided to relocate to Canada.

After many years of experience and mastering countless skills, she took the leap into the catering business. Ida has a passion for entertaining and making people happy. So much so she has been in the catering business for over thirty years now. She is a hands on caterer, making sure that she okays every dish that leaves her kitchen. Ida believes that food enhances everyone’s quality of life and she wants everyone to experience the enjoyment that good food has to offer.

Next would be the menu that Ida’s Kitchen offers. From hors d’oeuvres platters to soups, salads, entrees, to basically everything you can think of, Ida’s Kitchen can accomodate your needs. Ida’s can even prepare menu’s to celebrate both national and religious holidays too. With this extensive menu one may think that the food is just mediocre, but this is definitely not the case. Ida and her staff only use the freshest and best ingredients in each of their recipes.

A great benefit of hiring Ida’s Kitchen for your catering needs is that you do not need to just stick to the menu. If you have a special dish or special request, don’t hesitate to bring it to their attention. They strive to make you a satisfied customer, so they will be more then happy to honor your special request. Most other caterers insist you stick to their menu. This is definitely not the case at Ida’s Kitchen, which definitely puts them heads above their competition. Feel free to choose sushi to lamb to pizza and hotdogs, anything is possible.

Once you realize all the things that Ida’s Kitchen offers their customers that the others do not, you can’t go anywhere else for your catering needs. From an owner who has been in the culinary and catering field for over thirty years, and has a true passion for what she does. To a menu using only top notch ingredients and that can be customized to the clients needs and expectations. To employees who strive to make the customers experience a memorable one, you just can’t go wrong with Ida’s Kitchen. If you are in or near Ontario, Canada and need a caterer for a special occasion, you have to go see Ida and her staff. From the minute you walk through the door, you will become and feel like an honorary member of Ida’s family.