Ice Cool Holidays

.tags Many people associate the perfect holiday with a sunny location because it provides respite from the harsh climate of nations such as the United Kingdom. However, holidays in stunning colder locations such as Canada, Sweden, Iceland and Norway have become increasingly popular for more adventurous holidaymakers. Firms such as Arctic Direct offer northern lights holidays with a little more to offer than traditional winter pursuits such as skiing and snowboarding. As well as witnessing the stunning grandeur of the aurora borealis, these type of specialist breaks afford thrill seeking couples and families the opportunity to stay in unique accommodation such as the ice hotel Sweden and participate in activities such as ice diving.

Ice cool holidays such as this can be perfect for honeymoon couples who want to celebrate their new union in romantic and exotic locations with a difference and enjoy cuddling by the fireside after a day of excitement and adventure. Reputable companies will always ensure that safety is paramount in such extreme locations and provide professional guides and instructors for all trips and activities. Furthermore, they should advise you on the hire or purchase of clothing and/or equipment which will protect you from the elements and enhance your activities.

Arctic adventure holidays are the type of unique experiences which are ideal as celebrations of special occasions such as anniversaries or weddings. Alternatively, they can make for the type of family trips which a stimulate childrens imaginations for a lifetime. Although the aurora borealis can be viewed from cities such as Aberdeen in the United Kingdom, the arctic nations are blessed with the most stunning and spectacular views of this amazingly spiritual and spectral light show. The experience of northern lights holidays is one to remember forever and is highly recommended. For ice cool holidays which will simply take your breath away, take a look at the many options available from the Scandinavian and Arctic nations.