Ibrahimovic left behind the high net worth + annual salary of Barcelona Shizhuwunai deter buyers YORK _


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This summer, the Camp Nou on Ibrahimovic is staying real to the enemy can be called the press, during both the kind invitation of Milan, Carlo Ancelotti is also rumored to look to Sweden, Ibrahimovic himself seems willing to return to Serie A, a few days before the “Daily Sport newspaper,” has claimed that Jose Mourinho to the Bernabeu intention to Ibrahimovic, Kaka might come to the Nou Camp as the exchange of goods; agent again and again despite the rumor, but the transfer will be rumors still flying.

But Ibrahimovic’s move, “thunder, little rain,” Milan want Ibrahimovic, but Galliani said “you must first sell-buy”, die a natural death; Ibrahimovic to Real Madrid with Jose Mourinho again later, the likelihood of the deal is even more remote. Spanish “Marca” analyzed, on the current situation, the future of Swedes in the Camp Nou.

“Marca” that Ibrahimovic will continue to stay in Barcelona. Turned out to be because he has no choice: the Catalan club intends to use the cash transfer Ibrahimovic, but the problem is that few clubs can afford to Ibrahimovic for this Buddha statue expensive, in short, 50000000 euro transfer fee and up and down over millions of euros annual salary, and who are willing to take the risk to accept a poor state forward?

Last season, Ibrahimovic as the biggest signings handwriting Guardiola transfer from Inter Milan come to the red to pay the equivalent of 66 million euros blue huge amounts of money. But the problem is, now Ibrahimovic devaluation, but Barcelona still have to pay the annual salary of 12 million euros Swede, in the context of the global economic crisis, very few teams in Europe able to open come to this condition.”Marca” jokingly said, when informed that Barcelona ready to sell Ibrahimovic, the buyers have the to, but it comes to price, the team immediately retreat.

Based on this fact, do not expect Barcelona will also transfer Ibrahimovic out. Club believe that unless a miracle occurs, Ibrahimovic to stay at Barcelona next season is a foregone conclusion. Of course, Guardiola also continue to give the Swedes the trust, after all, his hand-picked melon handsome general can not be so quick to self-denial, Pape believes that Ibrahimovic will have an important role next season.

Because most members were participated in the Barcelona World Cup in South Africa, Ibrahimovic is one of the few players training with the team, in addition to already announced his farewell Swedish national team. In mid-August, Barcelona will be a new season opener – the first leg of Spanish Super Cup against Sevilla, Barcelona 9, most likely starter. Kuala handsome Swede given timely encouragement: “I believe that Ibrahimovic will play an important role, he is a great player.” Despite the very letter Lai Yibu Pape, but “Marca” or bluntly pointed out: Villa come , Ibrahimovic’s position? The bench is very possible.