I Need To Be Honest. Honesty. Life. Reality | EmTalks

I Need To Be Honest. Honesty. Life. Reality | EmTalks

OPEN ME UP AND READ AFTER WATCHING PLEASE!!! Hey guys, a totally different video from me – sorry for the randomness but I was bursting and just wanted to talk about some stuff. I plan on writing a blog post about this topic soon too but I just wanted to be honest with you guys and explain everything/the situation this past month, there’s so much more I need to say so please let me know if you’d like me to film a video about my University experience or anything or give me any video suggestions at all. I guess I just feel like in the past 4 years there’s so much more I’ve wanted to give and I have been held back by juggling everything, I constantly compare myself to people who have the time to put all day into their content and I’m sat here trying to juggle it all so finally, I’m free and I can spend all my time producing amazing things for you guys and I can finally for the first time ever focus on the thing I’m most passionate about and produce great things for you all. Thanks for all your support – pretty please subscribe if you haven’t already! xxx

Thank you so much for watching!


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