I MARRIED A SCAMMER !! Exclusive Documentary with subtitles

I MARRIED A SCAMMER !! Exclusive Documentary with subtitles

In 2013 and then 2015, a Nigerian Scammer pretending to be a bank official, contacted me and a ScamBaiting friend, trying to scam us. We baited him on each occasion, and in 2015, he sent a woman to meet my character in England, to collect a large sum of money from me. The bait ended and we forgot all about it until 2017, when I recognised the woman’s picture in a newspaper article. She had actually married this Scammer and was trying to get him into UK. She had no idea of his scamming, but I did. Here’s the true story…

I am eternally grateful to our intrepid video editor, Alex who edited this production and made such a good job from my amateur footage. Thanks again, Alex.

I hope that you will enjoy the video.

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