I always start my Greek adventure in Athens

{flickr|100|campaign} Hello, my name is Lucy from Leiden in The Netherlands and I am travelling to my lovely Greece every year. There are a lot of possibilities concerning accommodation in Greece. But of course specially for the Athens accommodation. I always start my Greek adventure in Athens. To find my Athens accommodation I have used this year the booking tool of Greekaffairs. They offer a lot of Athens accommodation and I have found a nice hotel in the Plaka district with a tremendous view of the Acropolis and for a very good price. Locations as Syntagma Square, the Parliaments buildings and the shopping arcades are one the possibilities to stay in a Athens accommodation. After a few days in the capital of Greece I left for Piraeus by metro as I have planned to take a boat from there to Santorini. The new organization Greekaffairs offers a lot of accommodation in Greece. From their list of accommodation in Greece I have chosen my hotel in Piraeus close to the port.This location was excellent as I had planned to leave early in the morning to this magnificent Island Santorini. In Santorini you will find the best accommodation in Greece. From most of them you will have a breathtaking view at the caldera. For this destination I have decided to divide my stay into 3 parts: in the north at Oia is stayed 2 nights in a luxury hotel,afterwards I went south to Kamari for my beach and swimming fun. I stayed there for 5 nights and at last I went to the capital Thira for my last 2 nights. In Thira I have chosen for a small and nice hotel, not expensive.Of course you cannot compare this with the Athens accommodation in the centre of the dynamic metropolis and his beautiful view of the Acropolis. To find my preferred accommodation in Greece was easily done at theGreekaffairs site. Especially in Santorini, a lot of choices were possibleat the most desirable locations. I was at last very pleased that all my wishes get reality through www.Greekaffairs.eu . I can recommend Greekaffairs for Athens accommodation as well for accommodation in Greece generally. Warm and sunny greeting from Thira in Santorini, one of the top accommodation in Greece. Kisses, Lucy