Hungry Toddler Looks For Milk In Women’s Bras

Hungry Toddler Looks For Milk In Women’s Bras

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This peckish toddler decided she’d take matters into her own hands by rooting through bras looking for milk.

Little Eve Jackson had been walking around Primark with her mum, Vicky Jackson, 35, when she made a bee-line for the underwear section and began checking the bras for breasts so she could have some lunch.

The 18-month-old was getting hungry but instead of enjoying milk on her mum’s terms, she decided to fend for herself and seek out some food all on her own.

In the minute-long clip, the little girl is frantically rummaging through the bras with her Tiger backpack behind her. At one point, she even seems to be checking them for nursing clips.

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