Humor And Funny Stuff

{flickr|100|campaign} There is a general belief that writing funny stuff comes naturally to some. Funny people have a gene, a natural gift which can’t be produced by learning ‘techniques’. This may be true but there are definitely some tips that can make one sound funny!

Humor Is Based On Possibility

Humor is a point of view and an approach that almost everyone has as a child. There are several times when one reads some funny stuff, laughs and says, “That is SO true” and a lot of times it is. Humor can be based on truth of what can be or what is.

Use Of Strange Characters

Choosing funny names for characters and experimenting with more than just ordinary people can make a script or a piece of writing sound really funny. A writer can use motifs like aliens, super-humans, inanimate things coming to life, or even animals.

Copy And Paste Jokes

If running out of material, a writer can copy jokes from a random email which is going around. For instance, a joke on the difference between how women and men drive. Even if people have read this numerous times, it will still tickle their funny bone. Similarly jokes around Clothing Stuff, online stuff, and family stuff can also draw out big laughter.

Break The Rules

A writer writing funny stuff should not feel obligated to follow proper grammar and spellings. The aim of crazy stuff is to make people laugh and not to improve their English.

Always End The Piece On A Positive Note

Laughter or funny stuff is about being positive. People love it when they read something that ends on a happy note. Hence, give them that.

Writer Should Write About Something S/he Knows

It is equally important to be knowledgeable about one’s subject to make its presentation appear amusing and funny to others. This is important because what one knows permits them to make use of excruciating facts that can make even the most boring of things sound interesting and hilarious.

Talk About Things That People Like To Joke About

The most favorite topics in general are annoying bosses or frustrating ex’s. These things, besides stupid stuff, always stir up a lot of interest and are normally successful in tickling the reader’s funny bone.

Be Original

A writer should never try to copy other people’s style. It’s important to be original and have one’s own strange view of things. The reason why actors like Jim Carrey or Robin Williams are so funny is because they have originality to them.

Don’t Analyze Too Much

Trying to explain why something is funny is not funny at all. Hence, it is best not to analyze what one writes.

The best way of understanding humor is to find out why people start laughing when they are tickled physically. Some might say it feels funny or maybe, because some nerve gets stimulated in the process.

However, another explanation (which makes more sense here) is that people are unable to tickle themselves. They feel frustrated, helpless and confused in a way that they react by laughing to release anxiety. People like things to be controllable, comfortable, and predictable. The unusual, overstated, or unexpected thing is intimidating and uncomfortable. And a lot of times using this fact to create funny stuff can help make a great piece of writing.