Human Resources Mba And Tourism Two Unique Career Paths

.tags A couple of decades back, a career meant just a job that paid well. But today, career does not just mean finding any job; it is rather something that defines your position in the society. And todays generation does not believe in earning for the sake of it. They like to and want to follow a path of career that not only allows them to earn a good living but is their passion too. It is no longer difficult to achieve both, not anymore with so many opportunities available all over the world for students, allowing them to relocate to anywhere in the world to study in their selected university and with the help of scholarships given by Governments or private bodies to students who have the capability but not the required financial backing.

If this is an age of opportunities, this is also an age of competition. No one will hand you a chance to make a career, you have to make your own opening. If you start by choosing a career path that is a little different from the other traditional stream, you will definitely have an edge over your peers. Human resources MBA or a tourism degree are two such career paths that are different and requires passion more than anything else to pursue.

The passion for human behavior, to understand and help them is the first and the most important quality you need to be eligible for a career in human resources MBA. MBA stands for Master in Business Administration, hence the second most important thing that you need is a bachelors degree in any stream of your choice. There are numerous institutes and universities offering an MBA in human resources, but before enrolling in to any of them make sure you do a little background research in to the placement record and other factors of the institute. Once you get a human resource MBA degree, a number of career opportunities will open up for you. You can join multinational companies as a human resource manager or can open your own consultancy providing jobs to people and human resource to companies.

A tourism degree on the other hand needs you to be passionate about travelling. Globe trotting is not only a hobby anymore; it can also be a profession. Hence if you love travelling and seeing new places, make tourism a profession and you would not have to work for a single day as it would be just like following your hobby. You can get a tourism degree through a regular course from an institute or a college or you can get it through distance education too, if you cannot manage a regular course. A distance tourism degree is in no way inferior to a regular course and is accepted worldwide. After you get the degree, you will be absorbed by the tourism industry which is flourishing currently and still growing.

Passion and profession do not have to different anymore, with the above mentioned career paths. You can follow your dreams and also be someone successful in the society.