HTC Legend


World’s one of the most innovative Mobile assembling brand HTC has always offered best of the class piece of mobile phones that have become benchmark for other brands to follow, HTC Legend is one of the latest released android phone, that is called to be the best android phone so far fitted out with the latest developed AMOLED 3.2 inches touch sensitive screen launched by any of the brand all over, this is the reason that it became hot-shot even before launching and once it hit the market has now turned out to be the one of the best selling third generation (3G) network supported smartphones across the globe, and why not, if we count on the key factors, you would find it true exciting, technological ahead and deadly smart looking next generation mobile phone.

If we talk about the loaded applications and features, you would surely go crazy listening the long stretched list, as the phone has got the 3G network compatibility, so naturally it has got the subscription of enormous latest applications like direct links to Social networking websites and other most used websites including Google search, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk, Document viewer, GPS, Push Email, Instant Messaging and various other standard features, furthermore the HTC Legend has got the built in full HTML browser that being associated with the claimed ultimate browsing speed of 3.2 mbps creates the true magic, an out of the box experience of enjoying internet over a mobile phone, you would feel like using some wired broadband connection over a laptop or desktop once you have this.

The other factors that transform it actually an adorable is its high definition 5 mega pixel cameras supported by auto-focus and LED flash shoots the stills in the resolution around 2592×1944 pixels, that you won’t to carry your digital camera or handycam to capture the moments wherever you are going, second the phone has got the built in multi codec supported music player that allows you to playback all your favorite audio or video tracks in amazing quality, while the given FM radio too delivers out an amazing sound.

So having loaded with the great number of advanced features, the brand new HTC Legend will make you glad with its exciting looks as well, the entire dimensions are kept in great management that it becomes easy to hold, carry and pocket wherever you go, the total height, width & thickness are kept around 112mm, 56.3mm & 11.5 mm correspondingly having the mass weight around 126 grams.

So on the whole the advanced HTC Legend can be the ideal choice for whatever the purpose you are looking ahead to buy a new mobile phone.