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RadioShack starts pre-order for HTC Inspire 4G today, offering it at $ 99.99 along with accessory credit & data plan.

Just ahead of AT&T’s launch of Inspire 4G , RadioShack gives you an opportunity to book a copy of upcoming sensational phone HTC Inspire 4G. Yeah! RadioShack has officially announced to start its pre-orders today.

You can make a pre-order either on its website or visit a store. Like the present trend of offering phones up to $ 100, RadioShack is also giving the phone at $ 99.99 along with two year contract. In addition to this, you can also get a$ 30 accessory credit with which you can shop for its accessories also.

Furthermore, if you will go for this pre-order offer then you can also get an alluring monthly data plan for just $ 25. Now it seems great for all those who always wish for something extra while purchasing a new phone.

Apart from that, Inspire 4G is coming to AT&T on February 13th. But if you can’t wait till that date then you should go for RadioShack exclusive pre-order offer which comes along with some amazing gifts.

Last but certainly not the least, you can also check our wide range of stylish Inspire 4G cases and versatile Inspire 4G accessories.

HTC’s first dual-core phone Pyramid is likely to arrive soon on T-Mobile’s 4G network.

Just now I got the scintillating rumor about HTC’s new handset dubbed Pyramid which features some of the unique features. Yeah! Along with that, it has also been rumoured that phone will come very soon on 4G network of T-Mobile which is already in news for offering 4G version of Samsung Galaxy tab and Samsung Galaxy S phone.

As per the little information which has been revealed by Blog Android Me, HTC Pyramid will likely to feature 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor along with 4.3 inch qHD display and Android OS.

Furthermore, the phone will definitely support T-Mobile’s lighting fast 4G/HSPA network and likely to arrive in the second quarter of this year. In the meantime, stay tuned with me to get all HTC Pyramid updates.

Image of new HTC-Verizon phone surfaced, rumored to be Droid Incredible HD.
Since last week, the Web is full of HTC rumors that company will likely come up with new range of hi-end devices in the coming months. Likewise, I just got an update about its one more new phone which has been dubbed as a new version of HTC Droid Incredible .
As per the leaked information, the phone is rumored to be HTC Incredible HD which has got Verizon logo at the top of the screen. The leaked picture actually authenticates its existence and HTC’s plan to come up with a new phone with Verizon.

Furthermore, the phone has been compared with iPhone 4 also for its slim trim design which can be seen in the image given here. Along with that, there is no physical button visible in the image which means it’s a full touch screen phone. As of now, nothing much has been revealed about the phone, hope to get some more of it in coming days ahead of WMC 11, where the phone likely to arrive. For more HTC updates , stay tuned with me.