How to Write Google AdWords Ads That Sell!


Are you ready to start your first AdWords campaign? Need a little help writing that first ad? Or are you already using AdWords and feel like your ads need some work? Well, take a deep breath and relax, writing an ad is not as hard as you might think.

First – the job of your ad is to get attention and to get clicks. However, you want to create ads that attract attention and get clicks from people who want to buy what you are selling. Your ads need to attract buyers, not just lookers. Lots of clicks but no sales is the last thing you want.

Now here is something else that is very important to remember — the job of your ad is not to sell your product, that is the job of your landing and sales pages. There is simply not enough space in a typical three-line ad to sell a product. Your ad needs to create interest and get clicks, and your site then needs to do the selling.

So how do you create this wonderful ad?

Create Attention Grabbing Headlines — promise a benefit or arouse curiosity or ask a question that gets the reader’s attention.
Create Ads that get Clicks – you have two lines left, use them like you did your headline, to promise the reader benefits and grab their attention. Make your benefit statements as specific as you can, for instance say “Lose 10 pounds in three weeks” instead of “Lose 10 pounds.” But be sure your benefits are believable and be sure your product can deliver the promised benefits.
Try to Arouse Curiosity – by using questions and statements like “Is it really possible to lost 10 pounds in three weeks?” Keep your reader interested.
Try to Get Rid of Freebie Seekers – by using words in your ad that show that your product is not free. Phrases like “Sale Price” or “Big Discount” or “Credit Cards Accepted” will help get rid of freebie seekers.
Send your Clickers to a Relevant, Compelling Landing Page – make sure the landing page that your readers go to gives them exactly what they were searching for. Do not lose sales because your landing page does not match up with the keywords and the ad copy.

If this all sounds difficult, take a piece of paper and jot down your headline and then take a break for a few minutes. When you come back to your ad, reread it and see if it does what the bulleted points above suggest. Take your time and revise your ad and chances are you will do well. And remember to always test several versions of your ad to see which one converts the best. Small tweaks can sometimes make huge differences in ad click-through rates and sales rates.


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