How to use the Olympic spirit to inspire the officers and men

.tags 2008 8 8, world-renowned 29th Summer Olympics opening ceremony was successfully held in Beijing, won the Chinese people’s century Olympics Dream, “faster, higher, stronger” Olympic spirit once again become the main theme of the world.

In this hundred years, rare before the Olympic event, we “defend the Olympic Games, celebrating the Olympic Games and feel the Olympics” at the same time, should learn the Olympic spirit, Olympic spirit, enhance national pride and national pride, the Olympic spirit into the work force, further stimulate the passion for work, do the Olympic Games security tasks. Therefore, we should seize the Olympic Games as an opportunity to make full use of the Olympic spirit by the glow of a powerful spiritual force, training officers and men inspire enthusiasm, dedication of officers and soldiers inspire passion, arousing men’s fighting spirit and tenacity to contribute based on their own indomitable spirit further strengthen the officers and men fail in their mission to defend the determination of the Olympics to further strengthen fire guards continue to write new chapter in the party and the people loyal defender of the faith.

So, how best to strengthen the Olympic idea, to ensure the Olympic spirit into their actual work, and psychological needs of officers and men combine together? Various forms of the officers and soldiers should be taken to promote education on the “Olympic spirit into being a police officer,” a series of activities to inspire the officers and men continue to challenge themselves and overcome the self and achieve better results.

Understand the essence of the Olympic spirit
Olympic movement has a famous motto: “faster, higher, stronger.” Words to fully express the Olympic movement and progressive, never met the spirit of struggle. Although only a short period of six words, the meaning of which is very rich. It is in the arena, when faced with strong opponents, promote the dauntless spirit, dare to struggle, dare to win. Also refers to himself never satisfied, constantly beat themselves, to limit the impact of the new. Moreover, this maxim also encourage people to be in all aspects of their lives continue to better ourselves, constantly updated, always maintain vigor and vitality. “Faster, higher, stronger” Olympic movement just perceptual, but actually from a rational point of view, the Olympic spirit has a more profound meaning. “Olympic Charter,” said the Olympic spirit of mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and spirit of fair competition. Meanwhile, the Games, athletes self-confident, stubborn, do not give up, race out of the performance style of game. This unity, hard work, enterprising spirit, the same venue inspired hundreds of millions of viewers and listeners outside. Olympic Games is short, but the Olympics Inspiration is timeless; the games outcome is temporary, but the spirit of self forever. So the Olympic spirit is a valuable spiritual wealth and heritage and worth learning.

Understand the Olympic spirit of hard work and innovation
Zhaijinduoyin Olympic athletes, after all, few, most of us are working in ordinary jobs, we need to struggle with the Olympic spirit and innovation. As a Fireman , We celebrate the Olympic Games, sharing wonderful, we should also understand the history and spirit of the Olympics, take it as a growth in knowledge, broaden their horizons, stimulating patriotic fervor and sense of responsibility and to develop the fighting spirit of a valuable opportunity.

Understand the athletes of the brave fighting spirit of the first fight. Olympic Games is a sports competition, not an and Manner, there is no a hundred times the confidence and courage to win on the unspeakable. Games, athletes scrambling, self-confidence, self-improvement, self-reliance, did not fail, do not give up, admit defeat, in the “faster, higher management, stronger” goal, breaking a world record after another to produce an Olympic gold medal has a full display of the Olympic athletes to challenge themselves and transcend self-fighting spirit. Under the stadium, as we also need to fire the military surge and Manner, also need to tenaciously.

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