How To Use Pay Per Click


You only need to pay based on the actual number of visitors to your website. Depending on the PPC program that you choose, the program owners will displays your ads in their network as sponsored listings in a variety of places including search engine results pages. However, it will not be part of search engine results. They will be listed separately under featured listings in the search results pages. You will be able to choose your budget for the PPC campaign and can start or stop the campaign anytime you like.

Before you setup your PPC campaign, you should review your online competition and the keywords that attract the most traffic in your niche. You will certainly find a lot of competition for the popular keywords in your industry. By setting a higher budget for your clicks, you will be able to gain visibility for your website. When you set a higher budget, you would not want stray traffic to your website because each click costs you a lot of money. As much as possible, make use of geographic qualifiers in your keywords, this will get you more targeted traffic to your website. Do not choose random keywords. At times, we rush through the setting up of our PPC program. You will get some traffic to your website even if you do not pick the best keywords for your campaign, but you may not get any real benefit out of your campaigns. All the money you spend will be wasted. Right choice of keywords is one of the best ingredients of PPC success.

One of the crucial elements of success of your PPC campaigns is to be seen in the close review of your results. Unless you monitor the performance of your PPC campaigns, you will not know what works and what does not. Most of the business owners just set up their PPC campaigns and forget about it. This is one of the surest ways of wasting your money. During these financially stressful periods, we should make sure that each pound we spend gives us the highest mileage. By monitoring your PPC campaigns closely, you will notice that you may have to make just minor modifications to your campaign to see the maximum success.

You must also pay attention to your landing pages to maximize the benefits. You will just a few seconds to impress your visitors. You must therefore, make sure that your message reaches your customers in that few seconds. If you survive that first few seconds, then you have higher chance of selling your products and services. Your landing page should match your ad text. If your landing pages do not contain the keywords and text found in your ad or something that is related, your visitors will leave your website immediately thinking that they have landed in the wrong page. Every visitor that leaves like that will drain your PPC budget. You must make sure that your PPC landing pages have very definitive goals and they have to be split out clearly.

Timing of your PPC campaigns is highly crucial. You can make use of PPC campaigns for boosting your organic traffic during certain periods of the month or year. For instance, you can use it to promote your sales during the holiday season.