How To Use Long Tail Keywords – SEO for Local Video & Blogging

How To Use Long Tail Keywords – SEO for Local Video & Blogging

How To Use Long Tail Keywords – Local Video SEO and Blogging SEO

Most small business blogs and videos are ineffective. Fact is, it’s true. There are many reasons for it, but none more important than what I want to briefly talk about and then show you(via video)today.

I educate people on how to use long-tail keywords, for blogging and YouTube video marketing, and what they are. Although I don’t want to go into too much depth here regarding this ‘low hanging fruit’ of the world wide web, it suffices to say that long tail keywords consist of longer phrases (usually at least 3 words or more)that internet searches are entering in order to find more specific data regarding a particular niche. Here is an example:

Short Tail: mortgages
Medium Tail: Best mortgages
Long Tail: Best mortgages for first time home buyers

Because internet users are becoming more and more adroit at searching and finding information online, the floodgates are wide open for any businesses that is able to aggressively go after these ‘longer phrases’ and beat others to the punch.

This process of developing a killer small business blog and video marketing strategy, thus dominating your niche via the long-tail keywords, is not as hard as it might sound. It only requires these essential qualities:

Think like someone shopping for a mortgage
Write home loan friendly content for your blog and videos,

Consistency in Post Frequency
Business owners and employees have a big problem when it comes to content marketing: they often think like business owners and employees. You may snicker at this but it’s absolutely true. The curse of knowledge can kill anyone’s ability to speak at the level of their audience.

In order to overcome this problem, the most important exercise a business owner or content marketer can do for his or her blog is to sit down and write the 20 most prominent questions consumers ask regarding his or her product. These questions formulate perfect titles for blog articles and combined with solid content and regularity (post at least twice a week), a blog’s traffic will quickly skyrocket because of its consumer-centric appeal. If you haven’t ever done this exercise, stop putting it off. It works.

Remember: Any question, and I really mean ANY, that a consumer asks regarding a product or service is worth writing about. And it’s the businesses that are most aware of these questions that end up producing the best content for search engines and eventually garnering the most viewers.

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