How to Use Keywords in a Blog Post

How to Use Keywords in a Blog Post

In this video I share a 3 phase process to help you learn how to use keywords in a blog post so that you can rank higher in search engines and get more targeted traffic to your website.

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Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools:

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Here are the 3 phases discussed in this video, and timestamps for each for your convenience:

Phase 1 – 0:59 – Extended Research

Phase 2 – 2:55 – The Content Creation Phase

-=-=-= 5 Content Creation Components =-=-=-

1. 3:02 – The Approach
2. 4:04 – Using the Keyword in the First Sentence
3. 4:36 – Using Relevant Keywords Throughout Post
4. 5:43 – Use h3 Header Tags in Your Blog Post
5. 6:31 – Write so People Will Want to Continue Reading (i.e. hooks and open loops)

Phase 3 – 7:49 – Blog Post METADATA

8:03 – The Title of Your Blog Post
9:32 – The URL / Web Address
9:45 – The Description

Yoast SEO Plugin:

11:25 – The Alt-Img tag

My #1 Tip to win with keywords and blog content creation: 13:01


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