How To Use Facebook’s Audience Insights Tool & Targeting To Get The Most From Your Facebook Ads

How To Use Facebook’s Audience Insights Tool & Targeting To Get The Most From Your Facebook Ads

How To Use The Facebook Audience Insights Tool and Facebook’s Targeting To Steal Your Competitors’ Customers.

The Audience Insights tool from Facebook may be the most powerful marketing tool available to paid traffic marketers and Facebook advertisers.

Since recording this video, Facebook has changed the ‘Affinity Score’ area around… I have covered this change in an update video you can find here:

After completing your research with this tool, the next step is to put all of this into a Facebook advertising campaign as shown in this video:

It doesn’t matter if you are researching for insights about your facebook custom audiences or if you are searching for those insights that will dial your facebook marketing efforts in to the perfect target market, the FB audience insights tool is the go-to tool for the job!

You are able to research your biggest competitors and target their audiences directly through Facebook PPC ads. Facebook audience targeting is really what sets Facebook ads apart from every other marketing platform available, today.

You can also gain powerful insights about your audience that can help you understand more about the age, gender, location and psychographic data about your best customers.

Once you learn how to use the Facebook audience insights tool you are able to do more efficient market research, audience research, niche research and dig deep into your lists of customers and prospects to understand the insights about their demographics and psychographics.

This kind of insight about your audience allows you to more clearly identify who your best customers are and then craft specific and targeted marketing funnels and facebook ads that will help you increase conversions with your marketing efforts.

Now at this point in your learning process, you should already have your niche chosen and your customer avatar created… If you don’t have those steps done, start here:

This video goes over how to use Facebook’s Audience Insights tool so you can quickly and precisely build out a list of your competitors on Facebook who have large audiences that you can display ads to.

Learning to master this tool has literally been a massive leap forward for my marketing efforts helping me get my marketing messages in front of the most targeted visitors with the highest likelihood of becoming customers.

You need to have your funnel up and running before you get to this step in the marketing process… So if you don’t have your funnel going yet, start here:

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