How to Use Blogs in Successful Affiliate Marketing – A 3-Step Guide


1. Map Out Your Target Audience

One of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing is to know who you are trying to sell to. So depending on what product you are trying to sell, carefully think about the people you think will buy your product. For an ab-building product you might write down “male,” “under 40,” “students,” “single,” “interested in weight-training.”

Next, about the type of blogs your audience will likely be reading. Continuing the ad-building example, you might think of:

“Men’s Style”
“Bodybuilding Blogs”
“Sports Blogs”
“Health & Fitness Blogs”

Once you have mapped out your target audience and thought of a few types of blogs they might visit, you can move on to finding the specific blogs that will be most successful in selling your product.

2. Use Blog Finder Tools

To find these blogs, you have several online tools at your disposal. One is the Google Blog Search tool. Using it, you type in the keywords of phrases that you mapped out for your target audience. So you would type in “men’s style” (Use quotation marks, especially with phrases, to make your search more specific), and the tool returns you a list of blog posts that have discussed the topic.

Now you need to narrow your search so that you find the blogs that are the busiest. Narrow it down to blogs that have been posted to within the last day or week. Then visit these blogs to see which ones get a lot of traffic. Better blogs will have subscriber counters, while others will have to be judged by the number of posts and comments left on those posts. (NOTE: Blogs whose URL includes “blogspot,” are sponsored by Google and are somewhat limited in their advertising potential.) Once you decide on the blogs you are interested in, you can continue to actually advertising on them.

3. Target Blogs With Advertising Spots

At this point, you should contact the owners of the blogs and inquire about advertising on them. There are 2 ways to go about this are either to purchase a banner ad on the site, or to ask about having a sponsored post made on the behalf of your product (you can make sponsored posts on Blogspot blogs). These are questions bloggers are used to, and they should be able to give you a price quickly.

Depending on how busy the chosen blog is, this method could expose your product to thousands of potential buyers for a minimal cost.