How To Use Aweber’s Email Autoresponder To Deliver Your Marketing Message Affectively

.tags Using an email autoresponder for business is very important today. Customers expect to feel connected to those from whom they purchase products and information. They like feeling as if they are part of a community. Having an email autoresponder can help not only promote your business to people who have not purchased, but offer companion products and services to those who have purchased by creating a relationship with your customers.

With Aweber you can segment your list subscribers into categories. A couple of simple categories are “purchased” and “has not purchased”, you can go even further in your market segmentation but this is a good start. You want to segment your list subscribers so that you can focus your marketing message appropriately. The customers who have bought something from you should get a different message than those who have not purchased.

The people who have not purchased may need to get to know you better. You can formulate your email autoresponder messages to them in such a way as to help them get to know you by creating a “drip campaign” that teaches them about you and your offerings. A drip campaign is simply a series of messages that are designed to be delivered at specific intervals from the date of sign up.

These messages in the drip campaign should be as evergreen as possible because while the order in which your subscribers receive the information never changes, the time of year is dependent upon when they sign up. So, do not make references to times of years or dates, instead the date on the email should be the date that the customer receives it.

These messages should provide information about your products, your services and any exciting announcements that you have to share. They could include updates on your blog, information you have published elsewhere, press releases, and simple education on you and your offerings. Further, the emails should also offer them some free information so that they begin to view you as an expert in your area which will promote trust.

Once they have purchased your product, the system in Aweber can automatically move them over to the “purchased” list where they will receive a completely different marketing message in the form of another drip campaign which treats them like knowledgeable purchasers of a great product. Once a customer has crossed over from someone who has not purchased to someone who has purchased, your job is to bring them further into your product funnel offering companion products and information to help them use the product they already purchased more affectively.

Using email autoresponders such as Aweber is not hard once you learn how to use Aweber. To learn how to use Aweber you can buy manuals but you can also watch the free video tutorials that are offered by Aweber. You can also choose to outsource the setting up and running of your email autoresponders that you use in your business. Setting it up properly from day one will help you go further than if you pick a completely free autoresponder and then want to switch later. Switching all your subscribers from one system to another is not the easiest thing to accomplish, you will invariably lose some of your subscribers when switching — and you may have heard the idea that “the money is in the list” and this is true. People who have already signed up or purchased from you are your best market to target, so why not use the most powerful system that can grow with you that is out there, in my opinion this system is Aweber.