How To Travel The World For Free As A Student

.tags Being a student usually means leaving on a low budget. You spend your money on rent, partying and shopping, and try save the remainders for travelling. But what if you could go to Australia, US or India without spending a fortune? Sounds unreal? Student competition can help you to turn your dream trip into reality.

Student events are a great opportunity to explore the world. You can travel at low budget, meet new people, enrich your knowledge and get an extra value to your CV. Also, professors will be much more likely to allow you to skip some classes if you say you are going skiing with McKinsey consultants or attend a medical conference in Egypt.

Yearly numerous student events are organized that offer full coverage of all expenses for participating students. Regardless of your field of study, you always can find competition or conference that will cover your flight and accommodation expenses and even provide you with a chance to win additional cash prizes, goodies or internship chance.

How to find your perfect trip? Firstly, try to discover event that matches your education or hobby. Think of what you like doing and where your chances of winning are highest. International competitions, conferences or courses can be found in business, medicine, photography, architecture, design and even math. You can attend Proctor & Gamble financial seminar in Geneva, Imagine Cup technology competition in New York, Sony Photography Awards in London or United Nations Model Conference in Singapore.

Secondly, once you found an interesting upcoming events, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. Selected competition can be offered only to residents of particular country or certain language speakers. Also, if you wish to spend as little as possible, try to calculate your expenses. Even if flight and accommodation expenditures are included try to critically assess how much extra you are likely to spend. Shopping, sightseeing and going out come at extra cost, so ensure you have sufficient funds to make the most of the trip. Check participation fee as sometimes covered travel and living expenses may be included only if you pay membership or contribution fee which may be quite high.

Finally, plan your trip. Look at whether there are any additional social or sightseeing events planned. For example, Ain Shams International Medical Students’ Congress offers participating students after congress tour to Hurghada. Similarly, many university events also include city tours or networking dinners. Try to evaluate how much free time you will have and if no extracurricular events are organized, plan ones yourself. Read the reviews of previous participants on what are the best things to do and make sure you will enjoy both the event and the trip!