How To: Running a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign


Like a journey to a distant land full of unknowns, launching a social media marketing campaign with no prior experience is a daunting — yet exciting — task. Yes, the campaign may be extremely successful, but there’s also a good chance it will miserably fail.

First of all, taking a business online should be done only when full confidence in one’s social media marketing Plan of Action is achieved. If you’re thinking twice about certain marketing tactics, go with your gut feeling and make amendments prior to engaging customers on social channels.

On to the fun stuff: The right way and the wrong way to run a social media campaign…

So we can say goodbye to the negatives once and for all, the wrong way to run a social campaign is to put one’s company first and deliver self-serving messages that, ultimately, turn away customers. The goal should not be to communicate with customers and make a sale, rather connect with customers on a personal level so as to induce future sales. It’s imperative for companies to put themselves in a customer’s shoes.

In regards to the right way to run a social media campaign, information is key. Instead of a jewelry company listing the pieces they have for sale, write a blog post about caring for jewelry then share it on social channels. If a law firm wants to attract clients, share information on a particular type of crime including how such a case plays out. Customers want to know that companies are there to help them, not simply make a sale.

Lastly, if I can stress one thing it’s consistency. Companies must be consistent because popping in one day and saying hello, then disappearing for a week, is ineffective and, when you really think about, shows a severe disconnect. How can you market socially if you’re not being social? ::drum roll:: You cant!

Aaron Schoenberger

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