How to Really Make Money Selling Affiliate Products!


It can be a headache to decide which product you are going to promote. Many affiliates regardless of experience can find this a tough decision to make.

Some often make the mistake of ‘chasing the cash’ and selecting a product that they have little or no knowledge of. Even though ClickBank provides some great tools for choosing the ideal product, not everyone knows how to make the most of these.

This article will assist people in choosing their ideal product to promote on ClickBank using the better methods available. Obviously, you must sign up to ClickBank to get use this knowledge. Registration is quick, painless, and free – so sign up.

1. Honesty is the best policy. If you are promoting a product, you must be able to stand by it. Don’t promote something that you don’t know anything about. A product that reflects your interests and passions is ideal.

2. ClickBank’s product statistics are broken down into five categories. These are: $ per sale; total $ per sale; percentage per sale; percentage refunded; and gravity. While it is important to take into account all five factors. Do not over-rely on selecting a product using just those five categories. While they are important, they sometimes give a distorted reality. While these categories tell you the profitability of a certain product, they will not tell you, however, if a product is increasing or weaning in popularity.

3. A far better method for finding out which product is becoming popular, is to use trend analysis. Simply go to ClickBank’s performance trends, enter the vendor’s ID, and you will be given charts upon which you will see if a product is selling more or less units.

4. To find the vendor’s ID simply enter ClickBank, find a product that you are interested in promoting, and click on the ‘create hoplink’ option. At this point in time, ClickBank will ask you for your Affiliate ID. Once you have entered it you will be given the domain and hoplink links. The first name is the affiliate ID and the second name is the vendor ID.

Let’s take an example. You are greeted by something that looks like this: In this scenario, footballhead34 is the affiliate’s name and greatproducts1 is the vendor’s name.

5. When you have entered this into the performance trends tool you will be able to see a series of graphs tracking the performance of the product. Popularity is an obvious factor to take into consideration. However, more important trends are gravity (the amount of affiliates promoting a product), and earnings per sale.

Earnings per sale is probably the most critical factor to take into account. If these are increasing – you are on to a winner. If these are decreasing you should stay well away.
The above should be more than enough to aid you when you are selecting a ClickBank product to promote.

Trend analysis is a must and all you need to know about using trends is contained in this article. Follow these steps and you will have a killer product on your hands.