How to Perfect Your Network Marketing Presentation


Your network marketing presentation is one of the most important aspects of your business and recruiting people into it. However, a poor presentation can really have a negative impact on your recruiting efforts.  It is important that you brush up your presentation skills and perfect them so that you can give the best business presentation possible every time you pick up that phone or sit down for a face to face meeting.

First, you need to consider the length of your presentation.  If you are a seasoned network marketer and have been with your company for awhile, you will probably understand why it is important to have a short and concise presentation.  Many new entrepreneurs will join a network marketing company and go on and on with their presentations trying to give their prospects as much information as they possibly can.  This is a big mistake, because not only will you bore your prospects, you will actually give them too much information which can confuse them.  When giving a network marketing presentation, it is best to include only enough information to peak your prospects interest and allow them to make an informed decision based on that information.

The best way to go about this is to make your introduction, ask them some questions to find out what they are looking for, give them a brief presentation about your business, answer any questions they have and go for the close.

Second, it is important that you come across as someone who your prospect can trust while giving your network marketing presentation.  You want to build rapport with your prospects instead of coming across as a salesperson trying to make a quick buck.  This is why asking questions can come in handy.  Ask your prospects questions that will get them talking about themselves.  People love to talk about themselves.  If you can get enough questions answered so you have a good idea of what your prospect’s needs are, you can easily show them how your network marketing business can fit those needs.  However, you can only do this by building rapport with them.

Third, you should already have incorporated some quick answers to common objections in your presentation so you can refer to them as needed.  Some of the most common objections in network marketing include:

* Is this a pyramid scheme
* I am not a sales person
* I do not have the money for the start up costs
* I do not have the time

Last, practice your presentation over and over until you become really good at it.  You want to sound confident and professional and not like you are reading off a script when you are prospecting and recruiting.  The more you practice your network marketing presentation, the better you will be able to present it in a professional way.  Not to mention, when you are confident in your ability to give a great presentation, you are leaving room for other important things such as asking good questions, building rapport and truly reaching out to touch the lives of others.