How to Outsource Content Creation: 4 Step Content Blocking For Great Content (Blogging & Video)

How to Outsource Content Creation: 4 Step Content Blocking For Great Content (Blogging & Video)

Break free from the content hamster wheel and learn how to outsource content creation. Producing good content takes time and for good reason; you want people to actually want to read and watch your stuff. Use my 4 step content blocking method to scale your content outsourcing.

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In this video, you are going to discover some simple tips regarding how to create great online content. Get your content creation tips on the content standard to start producing higher quality content for all audiences.

In this video, I share with my his content creation machine – how to create a ton of content online. The secret is the 4 Step Content Blocking Method that allows you to easily learn how to outsource content creation:
1) Research
2) Writing
3) Production
4) Promotion

These 4 steps are all you need to understand how to create great online content for your small business website, blog, or YouTube channel. In this video we’ll cover outsourcing article and blog writing along with YouTube video marketing creation.

If you’ve heard about content marketing and aren’t sure what it is and are a bit embarrassed to ask, this video is for you. Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online. You’ll come away from a session with plenty of advice on how to create great online content, and a content calendar that you can follow over the coming year.

A well thought out content marketing strategy can boost a brand’s visibility, however taking the time to do all the steps can be challenging as an entrepreneur. The decision to hire or outsource content creation depends on the type of content, the scope of projects and the available budget. Not every brand should outsource content creation, but if you find you could use more hands on deck, this might be an avenue worth exploring. Even if you only have 1 task to outsource, it’s worth learning how to outsource content creation.

Today I am going to show how to outsource content writing, I will give you 4 options and you can choose which one to take. Depending on the type of work, you can always find quality outsourcers’ that are smaller, hungry and provide great quality.

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