How to Monetize your website with Facebook Ads

How to Monetize your website with Facebook Ads


It seems like Facebook paused this for now. BUT….

To monetize your website, you will now need to do it using Instant articles .

Go to your Facebook page, Then Publishing Tools .

Under publishing tools settings, set up Instant Articles.

ON WordPress, this plugin will help you connect your website:

Then you will need to add the Code placement like I showed you in the video.

I hope to redo another video someday, right now I am really really swamped.

These Two Posts should provide you a better step by step process:

1. Setting up Instant Articles :

2. Monetizing Instant Articles :

This video will show you how to monetize your website using Facebook ads. This video will show you how to ad Facebook Ad network on your site.

In the past this had only been possible for Android and iOs apps. But now Facebook allows you to show ads on your website and make money.

This is kind of like adsense. Except that , as for now FB ads are only being shown on your mobile Website.

Watch this video and learn how to ad Facebook ads as a publisher,, on your website. Publish content and make money from advertisers on FB.

It is a very quick process and anyone can do it. In this video I will show you step by step how to make it work.
You don’t have to be a developer to ad the Facebook Audience Network code on your website. It only involves copying and pasting things into your website. And once Facebook reviews your website . You will be able to make some dough from the website visitors.

This is sort of an Adsense alternative. If you get accepted into the Network, you will be able to monetize your Web visitors using Facebook. It currently seems like it is a slight steep to get approved.

Nonetheless, that should not discourage you at all. Watch this video, go through the process. Add the code to your Website. And alert Facebook by visiting the page with the ad. And wait for them to review it . They will either reject it or approve it. Either way, you tried.

So, if you want to learn how to add the Facebook Audience Network code into your website and start monetizing your website with FB ads, then watch this video. This video has gone through the step by step process in monetizing your website with FB ads.