How To Make Your Ski Trip A Life Tife Experience.

{flickr|100|campaign} Nearly everybody you ask will say they enjoyed their first skiing holiday, so why not book it properly to ensure you have the same outcome.

At first this could be a bit daunting, so sit down with the group of people you are travelling with to discuss where you want to be travelling to, and what you want out of your holiday, for example;
Where you would have to travel from, and the transport needed to get from one location to another.
Are you looking to spend the whole time on the slopes and other winter activities, some days relaxing by the hotel, or completely a mix of opinions?
Whether you want to spend the whole time by the slopes, then catch the first ski lift in the morning, or whether you want to explorer the night life.
What you want to stay in. There are many different options from staying in a posh hotel to staying in a chalet with your friends.
Are you all beginners, all experienced, or a mix of both? And decide whether you want full day lessons or half day.

Its always best if you check with the experts; make sure you check the snowfall records ect. Finding the right people can guide you through finding the right resort, accommodation and travel for your various needs, they can also find it at the right price to suit your budget.

BMIbaby offers many cheap flights to many of the best skiing resorts, for example; to Perpignan and Geneva.

If taking the children, make sure you book child care/ ski lessons well in advanced, as there are always limited amount of places. Everybody knows happy children equal a happy family.

Make sure you have right equipment, either hire or buy ski clothing, gloves, goggles, sunglasses and hats. Go to any major sports shop, and somebody will give you guidance and advice for the right kit. Even if you travel at the end of the season, you could still experience heavy snowfall. Skis / snowboards and boots are best left hired in resort. That way you can always change the equipment if it doesnt suit you.

Make sure you book a few sessions at your local ski slopes, although you may think youre ready, going straight into the real maybe a bit daunting at first.

Now with everything covered, you can sit back, relax, and wait for a holiday of a life time to take place, nobody will be surprised if you do the same next year!