How to Make Money Online With Xomba


Have you even heard about Xomba? Xomba is an online community that allows its users to make money online while writing their articles for them. No doubt Xomba is not a get rich scheme, but it can earn you some extra dollars with little effort that you put in submitting your articles here. But there are some users available on Xomba that are able to earn hundreds of dollar on their single article that they wrote for Xomba. On Xomba, your article will get lots of visibility and wider viewing.

go to website to create an account on Xomba if you already don’t have an account on Xomba and create a Google AdSense account using your profile page URL if you already don’t have an AdSense account. And if you already have an AdSense account, add your AdSense Client ID in your profile page when you Click Edit.
Now start adding your content on Xomba in the form of images, videos or articles whichever you prefer.
Give your articles best Title, tags and submit them in relevant category. If you kind problem in adding relevant tags use Google AdWords Keywords Tool.
Now share your Xomba articles on Social media websites like Digg, Delicious, FaceBook, Propeller, Reddit, StumbleUpon etc
Get in touch with other users on Xomba to bring more visitors to your articles.
And now start tracking your AdSense earnings by logging into your Google AdSense Account. If you like, you can create a separate channel in AdSense for your Xomba profile to track how much money you are actually able to make with your efforts on Xomba.
Your profile page on Xomba is the most important for you as it contains maximum details about you and your activities. So try to include wherever you can like in your articles in the footer section, in Email and forum signatures or on your website or blog