How To Make Money Online Blogging $100 A Day

How To Make Money Online Blogging $100 A Day

How To Make Money Online Blogging $100 A Day from Affiliate marketing, Ad revenue, and eCommerce product sales. Blogging isn’t dead. Blogging actually helped me learn how to generate organic traffic which I now use to earn over six figures within my e-commerce store. I started blogging in 2012 using blogger and now I have gone on to blog on my very own website and this has allowed me to generate tons of organic monthly traffic. Don’t wait! Start blogging today. If you don’t have your own website, use blogger to make a free blog to teach yourself the ropes before creating your own website. (READ More Below)

From this video you will learn:
1. How and why you should start a blog.
2. Which blogging platform I recommend.
3. Three different way you can monetize your blog.
4. Insight on how a successful blog looks.
5. And much more that you have to watch the whole video to learn.

NEW Video: How it feels to make six figures:
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(I don’t make any money for recommending you to the program and there are no affiliate links in the description of this video. I’m honestly just sharing this with you because I want to guide you in the same direction that I went when i first started out).

Amazon associates is one affiliate program I recommend because it allows you to link to a large variety of products. This means you will have a large number of options when it comes to choosing a product to promote. They also have been expanding their options and you can even choose to place CPM ads on your blog or website. Here is a link to amazon associates:

Some people don’t like the amazon associates program because they offer only 6%-8% commissions however I can tell you that they make up for it by using a 24 hour cookie that will give you credit for anything a person buys from amazon if they buy it within 24hrs of clicking your affiliate link. This means you will often times get credit for things that you don’t even promote.

Another Affiliate website i Recommend is – I suggest that one because they offer 40%-80% commissions. Yes that’s right, if you convert a sale you can keep up to 80%. I personally don’t use this one anymore but I did see some success with it back when I first started and thought that I should share it with you.

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