How to Make Money Online – Be Specific


We all have to start somewhere in our internet marketing businesses, right? You may be doing it on your own, or you may be partnering up with other people or you may be outsourcing some of the tasks that need to get done. No matter how you are doing it…whether you are new or already making a ton of money online one of the biggest lessons I learned in how to make money online is being specific…getting clear.

Results come from taking action. To get the best, most predictable results you have to clear about what you want and be specific about going after it. If you aren’t then you just don’t know what kind of results you are going to get…and you are unlikely that you are going to get the results that you want.

When I was just starting I started out with $ 50. Really. And it was really, really hard. I started out with $ 50 and I was trying to convince sic other guys to work with me until we made it big.

I said I would give them each 10% of the profits of whatever we earned…I would take 10%…that is 70%. Then I would take the 30% left over and invest that in getting better…you know, better services, a better server, better audio programs, better education, and so on.

The problem was I wasn’t very specific. I didn’t know anything about how to manage my own time and how to manage my actions at all. And it was like beating a dead horse, trying to get these guys to move and do something. You know, I mean, they’re all wonderful people, and I think every single guy that I got involved with to get things up and running in the first place all had the best intentions on the face of the earth. But unless you’ve got your mind clear on what you’re doing…it just doesn’t work.

At the end of the day, what ended up happening was I picked up all the slack. I got the motivation…I got myself up and I made it happen. But here was the thing: there was a lot of wasted effort!

It is so easy to get distracted and overwhelmed by the newest whiz-bang, you know, thing or product or home study course or coaching program that’s out there, whether or not it’s actually going to help you grow and accomplish what you’re trying to accomplish. Or to bring it back to basics, just to get more traffic to your website.

So now I work at getting people focused on exactly what things are important-first in their life, and then in the thing that they do to make money from that point forward. That way, rather than doing the things that aren’t bringing about results, we are focused on the specific things that are.

If you are finding yourself struggling, then learn a lesson from me-get clear on what you want, take specific actions to get there. And if you are working with other people be very specific about what you want from them…what you expect them to do. That is definitely one of the biggest things you can do to successfully learn how to make money online!