How to Make Money Online As a Newbie


Six Tips For Newbies

You hear it in forums on websites in emails and everywhere else the word newbie, which stands for someone that is new at doing something. While in reality we can consider ours selves all newbie’s when we first start out on the internet doing businesses. After many trials and errors we all have at sometime of our lives when first starting out trying to make money online some of us go on to make substantial amounts of money each month. Here are some tips on helping you make money online.

Make Your Decision

1. Fist of all you have to think what you want to do online to make money, it has to be something you like something you are passionate about and want to tell everyone about. My experience in this that it has taken me years to figure out what I want to do and though experience I found my role. My personal thing to do is write articles that help people that are just starting out or someone who has a business and just wants to jump start it.

Become A Blogger

2. Start blogging and get your own domain name and run your blog from your own domain. This way you will have full control over how your blog appears and the bandwidth you will get and will be greater than a self hosted blog account. For me word press is by far the best blogging platform out there but you might not agree with that statement but I have always had word press, but really the choice is up to you.

Sell Products On Your blog

3. The next thing I suggest you do is head on over to Clickbank and signup for an affiliate account with them and start promoting digital products on your blog. Write articles that are going to give people a solution to their problem and you will get rewarded by those same people coming back time and time again.

Start A Subscription List

4. On your blog you can start a list a subscription list this is great to capture additional audience that you can write to with promotions on your blog this is a great way of staying in touch with people, send them a weekly newsletter about the status of your blog and the updates you have been making to it.

Write Articles

5. Writing articles is one of the best ways you can get free traffic to your blog. You might not be an expert writer at this state but that will come with practice. You have to start somewhere, I used to hate writing but now I love it because I can do it, at first I couldn’t do it I couldn’t write a story. Everyone has a story and people love to hear stories or how to do thing they look online for the likes of us who are going to help them with their problem so just start writing for your blog right now till you get the hang of it.

Have A Goal

6. Your goal is to create a long term income so you don’t have to work, it may not come as you want it to come straight away but if you be patient and give it time it will happen. Follow my steps above and you will be on your way to making a good income from home. Bookmark this blog because I will be writing more tips every week so check back often.