How To Identify The Version Of The Water In The Warm Cottage Printing Foam Powder


As we all know, in the water Printing Foaming slurry, I lead, three-dimensional pattern, delicate designs, let me Printing Foaming slurry to show their talents.

Long ago, the original high above, I have good quality, prices are getting low, I was known as the high-tech, become notorious, was sold into “cabbage” price, and my other brothers and sisters , play an active role in all walks of life, only I was a “cabbage” in the original price of the high end of the market gradually lost their foothold.

None of this is my fault because I have a “cottage version of” water-based printing foam powder in temperature, so high above the original price, I have a very low price for sale of products used in low-end market, cottage version foam powder in warm water for a very low price Sell Volume is rising steadily, more and more use of his clients, but few customers aware of the risks he brought, but only when the risks become the accident, only to find “cottage version” of the foam powder bad between . But I also have to do this back of infamy, his back to bear the blame, I am not so flat, so the cry.

Again I was crying after the test, found no quality problems, and cottage version of the water in the foam powder in the test temperature under the revealed truth of Li Gui:

First edition contains water-based foam powder in the temperature, which added 5% to 10% of the unknown substance powder, used to add disproportionately large, in practice, if I add the percentage is 15%, then the cottage version of the water the temperature has to add 17% of the foam powder.

Second edition contains water in the foam powder is not warm acid, causing products to end customers using the hidden dangers. It is understood, Shaoxing, a Printed Materials Plant water use in the temperature of this cottage version produced by the foam foam powder slurry, to the printing plant to use as burnt corrosion, resulting in a flower print was also eroded, resulting in batches of product to be scrapped.

Third edition contains water-based foam powder in the temperature of products produced by the strong degree of restriction on the adhesive, resulting in slightly larger amount of adhesive, foam height is low, the cost is too high. Knock

then how to identify water-based foam powder in the temperature then?

Usually take a small amount of powder in the laboratory, and then adding diluted hydrochloric acid, would produce large amounts of air bubbles or foam for water-based printing Knock foam powder, if not diluted hydrochloric acid, white vinegar can also be replaced. I, no matter how you add the acid will not produce bubbles.

Here, I sincerely my clients to recommend you to use and not at immediate cheap, resulting in unnecessary losses, what you pay for, eternal unchanging truth.

“Zhen Xing Cup” 2009 China Top Ten selection screen printing special awards ceremony

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