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Jiangsu friends the day before yesterday received a phone call from his home preparing to buy new house Decoration , To a market purchase Cupboard Kitchen when Dr. U house style cabinet attracted to the image and products through stores Shopping guide the professional presentation, Dr. his kitchen. U cabinet is fond of. But now another one is to do a Group buy store brand activity, the price is very low, he do not have the experience, they specifically ask for my advice, I combine years of experience in the cabinet industry, told the cabinet he selected from the Quality the following aspects:

1: look. Door: high-quality cabinet doors, straight and uniform gap between the door panel, door panels look clean edges, no Glue Water and other stains left behind;

Is expected to open: large professional enterprise with electronic saws through the computer input processing size, choice of materials by the size of computer-controlled precision, equipment performance and stability out of the board is very high dimensional accuracy, tolerance units in microns, and plate edges there is no chipping phenomenon. The Hand Workshop Small plants with small hand saws, and even cutting and sawing wood is an easy ride Console With this simple device made out of sheet size error large, often 1 mm or more, and often occur chipping phenomenon;

Drawer Slide : This is an important part of the impact of quality cabinets. As the holes and the small plant size drawer with the errors, there will be about the drawer pull is not smooth or loose condition, the drawer even have to pay attention to whether the gap.

2: touch. Edge hand feels fine, smooth, straight line closure, joint fine. Because this is a complete linear edge banding machine, decapitation, trimming, chamfering, polishing multiple processes, can ensure the most accurate size. The workshop is a small factory-style brush coating, artificial pressure sealing paste, using paper cutter to trim, polished by hand polishing machine, as uneven coating, sealing uneven, undulating seal lines, and even Edge off;

3: News. Substrate are regular factory testing through the State Environmental Protection Department compliance products, paint cabinets in addition to the normal taste of little odor, and small plant products in order to gain advantage in the price matrix saves every application, so opened the drawer or the door can be smelt a pungent smell, which is very harmful to human health;

4: Q. Formal cabinet manufacturers in general can provide a source of substrate, each process can be explained clearly, and the regular manufacturers in the production process in both the strict control and will not cut corners to save costs, maximize security cabinet life.

Introduced to by my friend Dr. kitchen cabinets and cabinets that house sales were being careful comparison, although the prices of kitchen cabinets, Dr. higher number, but in technology, materials, handling all aspects of the details are that he satisfied, the final choice of the chef is pleased to Dr. cabinets, feel value for money!