How To Guarantee Google Is Indexing Your WordPress Website Without Backlinks – 2 Free Tools Revealed

How To Guarantee Google Is Indexing Your WordPress Website Without Backlinks – 2 Free Tools Revealed

This video will show you exactly how to configure your WordPress website so Google indexes it every time you publish so you can rank without backlinks. If you don’t do this your site may not get any traffic!?!

The first place we start is inside the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress… You probably have this installed and running already. But you may not have used the XML Sitemap functionality which is required for today.

An XML sitemap is a document designed to show the search engines every single page and post on your website so they can index your content.

The search engine’s robots that read and index all of your content (usually called ‘Search Engine Spiders’) always re-visit this sitemap document when they return to your site to see if there is anything new.

Configuring your Sitemap properly as shown in this video, you will not need to ‘do anything’ in the future to make sure the search engines are notified about your new content as it is published.

This is very much a ‘set it and forget it’ search engine optimization task!

Once your XML sitemap is setup correctly, you will then need to add it to your Google Search Console account… Also known as Google Webmasters Tools.

This takes a few quick steps and is also a set it and forget it type SEO move. First, you create your account. Second, you verify your domain. Third, connect it to your Google Analytics account.

Once this is completed, you are able to import your XML sitemap you created in the previous step into the Search Console.

Finally, if you want to force Google to index your site I show you how to use the ‘Fetch As Google’ tool in search console to do just that.

Now even though these Search Engine Optimization tasks are in the ‘set it and forget it’ category, you will want to revisit the search console in a month or two to see if there are any errors or further optimization opportunities.

That said, it is important for me to reiterate that staying focused on creating excellent, SEO optimized content, focused on keywords is still the number one priority!