How to Grow Taller – The Top Three Major Factors That Will Make Or Break Your Height Gains


Do you feel hopeless about being “the short guy”? Would growing two or three inches make a positive impact on your dating life? Height is determined by several variables. Some of these you can control and some you cannot. These are the three most important factors in determining how tall you will become:


Your individual genetics, or DNA, form the base of your potential to grow taller. However, until science invents the “gene transplant”, there is not much you can do about this one. Read on though, because you definitely can change other factors which control your height.

Human Growth Hormone:

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) are hormones produced by your thyroid gland and regulate your growth. Logically, the more HGH your body produces, the more you will grow. The flip side of this is that if your body does not produce enough HGH, you will not grow as fast. There is some good news here – you can produce more HGH by exercising, practicing good nutrition, and regularly getting enough sleep.

Intense exercises some as jumping and running can help produce more HGH in your body. HGH is also produced while you sleep which is why getting enough sleep is so important if you want to grow taller. A low carb diet also helps with the production of HGH.

Growth Plates:

Your growth plates are located at the ends of your long bones which include your arms and legs. The growth plates in your legs have the most influence on your height. There are gaps between your long bones and this is where you have the opportunity to increase your height. These gaps can be widened by specific exercises which will have the effect of lengthening the bones. Some exercises that are most effective for lengthening the legs are: jumping rope, jumping and sprinting just to name a few.

I hope you realize that you do not have to settle for being too short. It is possible to learn how to grow taller no matter what age you are, and not only will you increase your height, but you will improve your overall health as well.