How to Get Your New Post Indexed in Google Instantly

How to Get Your New Post Indexed in Google Instantly

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We all know that Google is the biggest and the best search engine. But Getting Indexed in Google fast is not possible, Because there are billions of blogger publishing articles and getting it index in just a day is not possible. But Google has got a new feature to get your new post indexed in google instantly. But its not that easy to use it to get your site index. If you do any single mistake, Google might take your website or blog down and you will never get an traffic. So follow the article on “How to Get Your New Post Indexed in Google in just 30 Seconds”, Use it correctly and make use of it

How to Get Your New Post Indexed in Google Instantly

1. Login into Google Webmaster tools.

Firstly, You need to login into Google Webmaster tools.
2. In Dashboard, Crawl

After you have done logging into Google Webmaster Tools, In Dashboard Click Crawl, Then Click Fetch as Google.
3. Enter Permalink/URL

After you have gone through Fetch as Google Landing page, Enter your post’s Permalink and click Fetch.


After you have entered your post’s permalink and clicked Fetch, The fetch status says Success and you have to click submit to index button as you see in the image above. After you click submit to index you will get URL Submitted to Index message.

Ping Your New Post

After you have done fetching your article and submitted to index them in Google. But it is necessary to Ping your new post. It sends and index your new post in all the major search engines.

1. Goto Ping-o-Matic

Ping-o-Matic is a Pinging Service which lets your new blog post indexed in Google and also other Search Engines.
2. Enter the Details

Enter the details in the box such as, Website Name, Website URL, RSS URL. Select all the search engines and click send pings.


I Hope this article on How to Get Your New Post Indexed in Google Instantly helped you guys alot. If you have any problem or doubt, please dont hesitate to comment below. If this article was helpful share it with your friends via Social Networking Sites.

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