How To Get Traffic To Your Website Using Facebook [Proven Methods]

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Using Facebook [Proven Methods]

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How to get traffic to your website using Facebook-

Facebook is not the only social network but it is the most popular one aside from Twitter, Instagram & Twitter. There have been many other social networks before Facebook and while some of them were popular at some point in time, none could reach the popularity of Facebook. In addition to keeping in touch with your friends, Facebook can be (and is) used for all types of business. You can use it to promote your products, offers and services, to acquire new clients, or even more importantly, to get traffic to your site.

Like Twitter, Facebook is just one of the many ways to get tons of website traffic to your site. Many marketers believe that it’s probably not beyond the realm of belief that soon the traffic from Facebook, Twitter and the other major social networking sites will surpass the website traffic their websites get from the search engine Google.

While this is a possibility, don’t take this as a given that even if you do everything right, Facebook, Twitter, or any other similar site will do traffic miracles for you. For some people Facebook works like a charm, for others it doesn’t work at all. The same applies to Twitter. No one can predict if Facebook and/or Twitter will crash your server with traffic. Through trial and era is the only way to know for sure , but if used right, Facebook can flood your site with continuous website traffic.

Unlike Twitter, which is very simplistic, Facebook offers more possibilities. Yes, you might need more time in order to explore all the possibilities and take advantage of them but hopefully these efforts will have a great return in terms of traffic.

Here are some tips that can help you get more website traffic using Facebook:

– Make your profile professional and user friendly
– Include business info on your Facebook timeline but don’t overdo it.
-Network with like-minded individuals using groups and fan pages.
-Stay active and provide constant value.


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