How To Get A Job In Marketing

{flickr|100|campaign} It’s all about promotion. A bachelor’s degree in communications or business administration is the first step to get a job in marketing. After graduation focus on what you know, i.e. how businesses attract consumers to buy their products or use their services. Apply this to your job search. Promote the added value of your time with experiences, skills and talents that will help achieve a business’ objectives. Some sources, e.g. wiki sites, on the internet can provide valuable tips and information to enhance your job hunt.

1st Objective: Develop criteria
In college get internships, volunteer or work during the summer; it will be difficult to get a good job without any work experience. Businesses need employees who can make the right decision unsupervised. Criterion is not developed by following rules, but by learning from the right people and one’s mistakes. Look for challenges that will expose you to different types of problems and situations, and try to learn from every experience. Be objective.

2nd Objective: Express yourself
It’s imperative for marketing professionals to communicate well with their managers, team members and clients. There are plenty of handbooks that provide guidance on how to speak and write correctly. Colleges offer writing courses that not only will improve your composition skills but also will inspire you to be more thoughtful of how you speak.

3rd Objective: Build a professional network
Visualize where you want to be in five years and talk to people who are already there. The internet is a great way to contact professionals who can teach you about their job and lead you in the right direction. They also can introduce you to colleagues who specialize in different areas. Become a member of associations and organizations where you can meet other marketing professionals.

4th Objective: Be professional
Think of your resume as your personal ad. Promote your skills, talents and experience with a detailed and factual resume that reflects your criteria. Avoid misleading information and ambiguous experiences; write solid accomplishments you can prove. Hiring managers are usually swamped with resumes and prefer to ask coworkers for referrals. Give your resume to members of your professional network.

5th Objective: Define your target
Work will not only teach you ethics but also what you are good at. Once you have an idea of what you love to do AND do well, get an entry level position in one of your favorite companies. Don’t worry if the job is not marketing related; however, be sure the company has a department you want to work in, e.g. sales, advertising, promotion, etc.

6th Objective: Assume responsibility
Successful professionals make decisions that will help the organization they work for reach their goals. After you learn to make objective decisions, assume higher levels of responsibility. Being able to work under pressure is a skill sought by most employers. Make thoughtful decisions, i.e. picture the consequence of each alternative and pick the one that best fits the company’s goals.

7th Objective: Continue your education
Marketing is a highly competitive field; therefore it’s essential to keep up with the new techniques and trends. Attending seminars and conferences will help you understand new ideas as well as expand your professional network. Some associations certify that professionals comply with certain aspects of the marketing field, thereby reassuring hiring managers that candidates are qualified for specific jobs. A master of business administration in marketing is also a great way to prepare for a management position.

A world of opportunities
A savvied marketing professional’s network and tenure can be a great asset. Experts are more frequently promoted to top management positions than pros from other fields. Furthermore, the experience obtained working in different businesses can serve as perfect foundation for professionals to open their own business. Though a job in marketing is demanding, objective-driven professionals may benefit from many rewards once they prove their ability to overcome adversity and challenge.