How to Find Great New York City Burgers


It’s five o’clock. You’ve had a long day at work and you have another one to look forward to tomorrow. You just want to go home and relax. Boarding the subway to get you to your destination, you hear a rumble. No, that wasn’t the subway… that was your stomach! It looks like that salad with dressing on the side just isn’t going to hold you until breakfast. Considering your options, you decide you want something satisfying and hardy. Something you can really sink your teeth into without sending you home first to get all dolled up for a fancy and expensive night on the town. You my friend have a craving for a big juicy burger! But where can you go to satisfy this desire? Without a personal tour guide to aid you on your quest, it can be hard to narrow down the many eatery selections available in this major city food Mecca. That’s why I’m here! Let’s explore a few of the top locations, in no particular order, to get the best New York City burgers around!

Looking for a quick bite in the posh side of town? Try the unexpected hangout at Le Parker Meridian. In the corner area of their lobby, they have a curtained off location called the Burger Joint. Catering to burger lovers of all classes that want to feed their palette, you can still manage to keep a low profile. What if you let your hunger rule regardless of the chance the paparazzi might snap your pic? A well known location at Madison Square Park will definitely keep you filled up. The Shake Shack provides you the chance to eat lunch al fresco while enjoying a beloved NYC tradition. Definitely one for those late night cravings as the lunch time crowd can create lines with a wait time of over one hour! What if you crave a more refined cut of beef? You can still have your burger and eat it too by visiting Zaitzeff at Avenue B. This burger establishment serves up sirloin burgers as well as the sought after Kobe beef burger on Portuguese muffins, adding a new twist to an old time favorite.

Maybe your taste cravings steer away from the main stream or perhaps you want to try something brand new! How does a turkey burger sound or maybe a salmon burger? City Burger on the corner of 39th Street has you covered! From their unique selection of specialty burgers to their convenient online ordering, you are sure to find something for even the most discernible palette. Last but certainly not least, what list would be complete without Goodburger! With several locations to choose from, not to mention being the home of its namesake, Goodburger caters to the burger lover in you! Try a classic hamburger or cheeseburger, make it a double, or for a full flavor experience from the sea try the crabby patty. Whatever your choice, you’ll be in good company.

From small time favorites to high end beef, New York City has something for every palate and budget. Have I made you hungry? So, what are you waiting for? Head on out and try one of these favorites today, or make for a spot all your own! Sample everything the big apple has to offer from shopping and entertainment to the best burgers around!