How To Find CAD courses and Training in The U.K


Computer aided design may be somewhat of a specialist field, yet, it is gaining momentum as a computer based skill, since it recent years design and technology have altered and changed – and continued to do so! By no means is computer aided design easy, but it can be learnt if you are prepared to take your time with the program and find the most appropriate learning resources for you. So how do you get your hands on these resources – here’s how.

Back To College

Option one is to go back to college to study computer aided design to gain a certificate. Most colleges run a few Autocad courses, mainly in 2d and 3d design. The certification body is usually in relation to Autocad, the City and Guilds, a very highly sort after certificate in the U.K and is around a few hundred pounds. It can last around 9 months if studying part time, making it easier to fit in with your career than a full time course. All you usually need to take the certificate is some experience of Autocad, to demonstrate a passion for it or to have taken beginners Autocad certificate.

Short Course

Another option is to take a short course, which will comprise of several sessions over a few days. This quick route through is relatively expensive and does not provide you with the long term certifications, such as the City and Guilds. And because it is an intense course, it can be hard to learn in the long term if you don’t have good information retention. On the other hand, they take far less time, can be great for those who need a refresher course and may demonstrate a basic picture of your abilities.

Computer Based Training

An alternative to classroom based training is computer based training, which will cover everything you need to know for Autocad. The added advantage is that you can buy the training for the version of Autocad you want (2010, 2011 etc), so that you can learn how to use the version you need to, enabling you to keep up to date with the newest additions or stick to the older versions.

If you are studying for an Autocad certificate, computer based training may be helpful in conjunction with a classroom based course or study guide. For those, who can’t get a hold of Autocad it is useful as it enables you to understand and experience Autocad, without spending a fortune on Autocad.

Another bonus is that it is less time consuming than a course as you can study in your home or on the go – pretty much whenever you please! It is also more cost effective and can be used over and over again (even when you have finished your training) in order to go over anything you may need too. It enables you to continuously learn and improve your skills.

Cad courses can be found all over the U.K, provided by colleges and private businesses. Computer based training for cad courses can be found online.

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