How to Fax on the Road


Have you ever been out on the road on a business trip or family vacation and found the need to fax a document but had no access to a fax machine? Thanks to Internet technology and e-mail faxing the fax machine has become nearly obsolete.

How Does Internet Faxing Work?

With the introduction of broadband technology anyone who has a cell phone connection can now stay connected to the Internet. This constant connection to the World Wide Web provided the basis for technological advances in the world of faxing. Today, anyone who has Internet access and an email client can fax a document from their personal computer to anywhere in the world with a few simple clicks.

Internet faxing works in the same manner as uploads and downloads. The information saved in your personal document is uploaded to the Internet faxing company and is then deliver the to the fax machine number you have provided. This faxing freedom allows any one with a personal computer to send fax documents.

Computer files are not the only documents that can be sent via Internet fax. For offices with personal scanners and personal printers, documents that require a signature can be printed off, signed, scanned into the computer and sent via Internet fax just as easily as sending a personal e-mail.

Receiving Email Faxes

On the flip side of the coin, having the personal fax machine allows clients to send you information quickly and easily. However, not every office has the supply budget to afford a personal fax machine and a dedicated fax phone line. In these cases, fax to email service can be used in place of the personal fax machine.

When a person signs up for an e-mail fax account, they are given the a fax number that can be used for personal and business communication. This fax number will be entered into the sending fax machine in the render document will be delivered to the receiver via an e-mail account. Not only are e-mail faxes money saving, but they allow you to receive faxes in your e-mail when you’re away from the office for traveling anywhere in the world that has Internet access.

Mobility and Email Faxing

Recently, with the introduction of 3G technology and mobile phones, people can even receive their e-mail faxes on their cell phones along with the rest of their emails. When all information is kept in one e-mail account dedicated to faxes the receiver will never again have to worry about getting that facts and leaving the office.

The world is advancing beyond pen and paper. Today, businesses are mobile and ready to access the Internet, Internet fax technology and the email faxing in the blink of an eye. Never again will a business person have to worry about not receiving that important document are not receiving that important communication because of the lack of fax machine. As long as there are Internet connections faxes can be sent and as long as their cell phone bars faxes can be received.