How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Site

The Azure Blue Indoor Pool at Hearst Castle
See you all today at the Google HQ!
I’m excited to meet a lot of my Google friends in person! The talk is today, and I’ve got everything ready for it. For reference, here are a few links I will mention during the talk:

HDR Tutorial – Free tutorial here on the site – you’ll be up and running with a pretty pic in an hour!
Jill Bolte Taylor – about the Right and Left Brain on TED
HDR Spotting – a site with the Attention Distribution Engine to drive more traffic to other HDR Artists sites (still in beta – you have to get an invite code from existing member)
Textures Tutorial – The textures and a video showing how I got those textured-photos
Videos – A collection of free videos showing how I take HDR Photos in the field…
Twitter and Human Evolution – A longer treatise on what it suggests…

Daily Photo – The Azure Blue Indoor Pool at Hearst Castle

I mentioned yesterday that I was able to get a private tour throughout Hearst. It was a long and great day! Thank goodness I had a mass of memory cards… I got so much footage it was crazy!

I could have picked a bunch of shots to be the "first", but I thought this one was particularly wonderful. There are two enormous pools at Hearst Castle, and this is the indoor one. This is a nice vantage point because this spot is actually quite difficult to reach! There is no door behind me… so I had to "shimmy" along that edge you see… It was NARROW… the shimmy was like a video game, except while holding a $10,000 camera! Sketchy! But I just had to get over here because I could visualize the shot before it happened…

Here’s a cool fact about this pool. Part of Hearst has now been gutted so there is room for the IT department. The IT department uses the water from this pool to cool their equipment… wild, eh?

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By Stuck in Customs on 2010-01-29 19:34:32

Getting targeted readers to your blog will not be easy to do if you don’t have a clear way to get it done. You need to be clear on what kind of visitors you want to drive to your blog and at the same time be sure of how you’re going to do that. There an a lot of blog owners that spend time creating the blog, but they forget to concentrate on ways of getting the blog seen. In this article we will look into three easy and efficient ways to get quality traffic to your blog.
Another step that you should not forget is to submit your blog to the search engines. When you get seen by the huge search engines like Google and Bing you will open up possibilities for new traffic. The first step that you take to see this occur is to give the search engines your blog’s URL so that it can be indexed. Most search engines provide a chance to forward your blog link so that it will be listed in their latest search results. However, just a blog link submission will not get you automatic traffic, you must also use SEO to get to the top spot for your keywords
In addition, you should be using and updating a blogroll. When you add links to other similar blogs in your blogroll, these bloggers will discover your blog and will add your link to their blogrolls. This will guide you in obtaining reciprocal links.
It is a general and simple technique of exchanging traffic with other blog owners to get your blog seen by other targeted audience members. This is a great way to get loyal readers from other blogs and have alternative way get traffic.
Last, syndicate your blog’s content by using a RSS feed.
When you put an RSS feed button on your blog, it makes it much easier for your loyal readers to follow you blog. When you place an RSS feed button on your website, it allows you regular visitors to follow you They’ll be able to read your blog on time since they’ll get notified when you publish any new content. This is an easy and effective method for making it easier for your blog visitors to see your articles during their own time schedule. If you want to succeed and make your blog famous, then you need to implement ideas such as those mentioned above. You will come to realize that there are a wide range of methods you can use to generate traffic as you progress and expand. Make sure that you find new methods to offer your target audience content and make sure that you are always creating something new on your blog. Aim at improving your traffic count with each passing day.

As an seasoned online marketer and teacher I write on many topics including targeted traffic and MLM Secrets both of these topics will explode your business and income if used properly.