How to drive more visitors to your website using an e-mail marketing tool


The trick to e-mail marketing can be explained in relatively simple terms: get more people to sign-up to your list. So many webmasters out there struggle with this essential concept and, when they experience only little success in the early stages, inevitably give up and move onto something else. Like anything else, e-mail marketing requires perseverance; it has taken some of the best e-mail marketers upwards of years to build their lists however now so can boast list sizes well in excess of hundreds of thousands of subscribers. With a list this size, it’s conceivable to make a very healthy full time income just marketing to your e-mail list and for this reason alone, it’s worth persevering and building your list step by step. The main advantage to be had from e-mail marketing is the opportunity to drive visitors back to your website – by driving more people back to your website you can invariably increase the profits generated through your site.

One of the first things you need to do when e-mail marketing is get set-up with a trusted software provider. The market for e-mail marketing software has become quite saturated and it can often be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff however always make sure that your provider offers a very healthy deliverability rate for e-mails sent from your account e.g. over 90%, allows autoresponder functionality so you can automate the sending of particular types of e-mail and also the opportunity to customise your campaigns as much as you conceivably need. Lastly, there should be the option to copy and paste a form code onto your website which will allow you to utilise your website as a medium through which you can take on additional subscribers.

The best way to drive more subscribers back to your website is to always focus on offering them something of value, or rather something that is targeted to their needs and interests and that they can use to drive more profit through their websites. One good example of this is to use the autoresponder functionality within your tool to offer a course. You can deliver this course over a designated number of stages and encourage the reader to return to your website for more information and services or products.