How to Disable Windows Startup Programs


Are you frustrated with the boot up time of your PC? The process of Startup involves all the automatic activities that are undertaken by the computer from the time you switch on the system until the launch of the programs that you choose. However at times, it happens that the system takes so long to turn on that you get impatient. This is a potential problem. If you are having a startup problem there are several ways through which you can solve it. Disabling unwanted programs on the startup would enhance your PC’s performance. I will show you how.

Disabling Windows Startup Program

Here are the ways to disable Windows start up programs of your PC:

If you work on Windows 95, then the way to solve your problem is to click on the Start button, then go to Settings, select the Taskbar and reach the Start Menu. Now, delete or move the shortcuts from the startup programs.

For Windows 98 users, the easiest way to stop the problems with startup programs would be to go to the Startup tab, and uncheck the startup programs that you do not use at all and those not used very often. Now, restart Windows.

In order to remove the programs from the startup on Windows XP, you can also adopt the method below:

At first click on the Start Button
Click on the Run option
Type in msconfig
The system configuration utility opens, click on the Startup tab
Uncheck the programs that you don’t want when you start Windows

However, you might find some programs about which you might not be sure. It is important for you to decide which programs you need to remove from the startup list. Since, if you remove the programs from the startup window randomly, some of the functionalities might be lost.

In case you are not sure about the program to load or unload, go for a quick search on the internet. Verify if the program is important for Windows operating system to startup normally.