How to Decorate a China Cabinet


There are as many ways to decorate a china cabinet as there are china patterns. So how to decorate a china cabinet can be a tricky question to ask. It all depends on what the cabinet is used for. China cabinets aren’t just used for dinnerware anymore. You can also use a china cabinet to store curios and just general knickknacks. Let’s look at the traditional china cabinet first.

If you’re displaying china then you need a background to show off the design. This means you’ll want to use some shelf paper on the back of the china cabinet.

All you need to do is grab a utility knife and a roll of decorative shelf paper.

Unroll the shelf paper and stick it to the back of the cabinet. Use a plastic squeegee to remove any bubbles from the shelf paper. You can also use the tip of the utility knife to pop any stubborn bubbles that won’t press out.

Now that you have a background color it’s time to start stacking up the plates.

You’ll need a few display racks so that you can stand the plates up on end with the face of the plate positioned towards the front of the cabinet.

There are plenty of different designs out there that will allow you to stack either a single row or do a cascade pattern along the back.

You can now build forward in the cabinet. Stack your heaviest items on the bottom shelves.

This will give a nice balanced look to the cabinets.

Another good idea is to stack like items together. Stack any plates that aren’t displayed on top of one another, same with salad plates, saucers etc.

A good trick to prevent scratching the plate surface is to place a piece of tissue paper in between each plate.

If your cabinet has cup hooks in it then hang the tea and coffee cups from them. If not stack them up along the sides of the cabinet.

By stacking them along the sides you avoid creating a visual distraction in the middle of the cabinet.

Moving into the china cabinet drawers you’ll want to keep all your silverware sorted.

This is a pretty easy task, just head to a department store and buy a silverware holder.

You’ll want to keep everything separated from each other to avoid tarnishing.

Be sure to buy a silverware drawer that has a lid on it. This means less dust when you go to use it for Thanksgiving dinner.

Finally move to the bottom drawer of the cabinet. This is typically where all the weird shaped pieces go such as the gravy boat, carving boards, serving trays etc.

The best way to arrange all the odds and ends are based on usage.

Stack the least used items at the bottom of the cabinet and work your way up to the most often used.

These are just a few tips for figuring out how to decorate a china cabinet. Well displayed china can accent any dining room d├ęcor. A few simple tricks are all you need to set up a beautiful china cabinet.