How To Curb Tv Watching

.tags Do you know everything there is to know about TV? Do you spend a lot of hours just sitting there, channel surfing? Then most definitely you’re a certified couch potato. Though there’s definitely nothing wrong with watching TVyou really don’t want to feel left out when it comes to good showsbut it’s really not a good idea to do so for hours. In fact, watching TV for more than 4 hours can shorten your life span.

It’s time to take full control of your TV watching. Consider these brilliant ideas:

1. Get rid of your television.

A very drastic move is to actually get rid of your television. This will surely prevent you from watching anything, except those that can be uploaded online. Of course, you can expect yourself to go through a withdrawal period, but that will also force you to do something else besides watching TV or surfing through the Internet.

2. Buy board games.

If you’re hanging out with friends, try using the board games as modes of entertainment. They are a good alternative to renting DVDs or running shows you’ve saved in the DVR. Board games are also highly educational too, and as long as you can properly choose them, they can bring a lot of fun to any party.

3. Spend more outside.

It’s time to get yourself outdoors. There are so many things you may have missed out simply because you love to watch TV. You may want to enroll in your nearby college or university for a short course. Get into the gym, take a walk in the park, or engage in your favorite hobby. Travel a lot or meet up with friends for a good talk in your favorite restaurant.

4. Read.

Keep your magazines and books very handy. Stack them in different parts of the house, such as the living room. When you’re bored and have nothing better to do, all you need to do is to grab one of them and allow your imagination to run wild.

5. Sleep.

Sleep is a good thing, especially if you’re under too much stress. Sleep helps your body relax. It also boosts your immune system as sleep assists in healing the body. Just make sure, though, that you don’t overdo this. Otherwise, you will feel too exhausted or groggy as soon as you wake up.

6. Meditate.

Meditation is one of the best ways to curb TV watching. It is also a reliever against too much stress and is known to improve your moods. You can simply spread out a mat in the living room where you can do your meditation. While you’re at it, you can think of the many subliminal messages that can help you deal with your addiction:

I am saying good-bye to too much TV watching.
I understand the hazards of constantly watching TV.
I am looking forward to doing more productive things in the coming days.
I won’t allow my television to take full control of my life.