How to Create and Join Homegroup?


Are you facing difficulties in sharing your music, pictures and documents within your home computers? With Windows 7 Homegroup you can easily share the photos, music, and data on all your PCs running Windows 7 on your home network or in workplace. The feature is also extremely useful if you are sharing a printer. If you are using Windows 7 operating system, you don’t need to set up a conventional network system. The Homegroup feature is very easy to set up. You can connect all home or office computers that are running Windows 7 with this feature.

Before we dip into the discussion, let’s have a look at what is Windows 7 Homegroup? With this feature, all your home or office PC could be connected wirelessly for sharing documents, photos, music and other files. You don’t need to be worried about privacy as well. HomeGroup is password-protected and it is you who will decide what to share with the member of the Homegroup. In addition, you can also make your files “read only.” For Windows support, you can consult a computer services company.

Regardless of Windows 7 editions, you can join Homegroup but creating homegroup is possible in Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise edition. There must be a home network before you start installing a homegroup. This is basically a file and printer sharing “overlay”.

Let’s see how to create and join Homegroup. To create your homegroup, you need to open HomeGroup in Control Panel, and then click Create a homegroup. Here you also need to choose what to share in your HomeGroup. Then the Homegroup wizard generates a password that needs to be used for adding other connected computers to your HomeGroup. Now the Windows 7 HomeGroup is created and you can share your Pictures, Music, Videos, and Printers with other computers that are the member of this HomeGroup.

Now have a look at how to join HomeGroup in Windows 7. To join Homegroup, the computer must be on the same network and Windows 7 must be installed in it. Once the computer is connected to the Homegroup, the OS will prompt you to join the available HomeGroup. After joining, Windows 7 will give you information about the HomeGroup on your network. Then Click Join Now to join the available HomeGroup. You will be asked to type the HomeGroup password that you get while creating HomeGroup. Type the password and you will join the HomeGroup.