How to Convert Outlook Calendar to Lotus Notes Calendar?


Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes are two most popular email software applications that support to send/receive emails, to store journal entries etc. One of the most significant features in both the email clients is that of calendar management.

Manual Method to Import Outlook Calendar to Notes 7: You can use iCalendar, which is an Internet standard data file format, which can be used to exchange calendar data between various email clients or calendar programs like MS Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google Calendar etc. You can exchange data using the iCalendar file format between Outlook 2007 and Lotus Notes version 7.02 or higher in the following manner:

Things Needed to Export Outlook Calendar to Lotus Notes using iCalendar: • Computer system with Internet access • Outlook 2007 or higher version • Lotus Notes 7.02 or higher version

Instructions to Manually Convert Outlook Calendar to Lotus Notes: 1. Open MS Outlook email application 2. Now, you have to click the ‘Calendar’ icon on the left panel of screen 3. Click ‘File, Save as’ in the calendar view for saving the calendar file in ‘iCalendar’ format. (Note: This option will result in saving the file using .ics extension with some default name using the current date in your system. Note that this option is unavailable from the ‘Export’ menu function) 4. After that, you must load the Lotus Notes email client software 5. Then, you have to open your calendar. This can be done by clicking the ‘Calendar’ tab on the welcome page 6. Now, click ‘File, Import’ 7. From the drop-down menu, select ‘iCalendar’ .ics file format 8. Now, click ‘Browse’ for locating the sub-directory where your Outlook calendar was stored while exportation 9. And then, click ‘Import’ 10. Now, you can preview and verify the data which needs to be imported. You can do this by clicking ‘Preview Entries’ 11. Then, type a name that you require to keep for the calendar which is being imported 12. And then, click OK 13. Now, click the ‘More’ button present above the calendar 14. Finally, click ‘Manage imported calendars’ 15. This way, your imported calendar entries will be merged into your current calendar file

Easy Way – Transfer Outlook Calendar to Lotus Notes using Third-Party Tool: There is an easier and better way to perform the above operation of converting Outlook calendar to Louts Notes, which is to use a third-party conversion tool to import Outlook calendar to Notes. There are various third-party programs available for converting the personal storage table (PST files) to the Notes storage facility (NSF files) like SysTools Outlook to Notes software. This tool can be easily used to convert Outlook calendar to Lotus Notes. This is because besides supporting the conversion of emails, the software also supports to convert other mailbox items like calendars. So, you can easily export Outlook calendar to Lotus Notes using SysTools Outlook to Notes software.